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Foreign Music

Obscure music for the masses

A foreign language mp3 rotation
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This journal is dedicated to foreign language music from all over the world!!

So far the filesharers have uploaded songs in Afrikaans, Cantonese, Czech, Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Urdu!

Our aim:
To expose people to new music...mainly things they would never have considered listening to. Language, genre, it doesn't matter...music is universal :)

Music is about music. Not race or language. It seems to be a trend in English speaking countries to ignore foreign artists for various reasons. We think that if you like an artist you like them, regardless of any other factors. This community aims to introduce people to new artists who won't necessarily get the recognition they deserve through other media.

We discovered a lot of the foreign (non-English language) music through boredom of the current music scene. That's not to say we don't like any English speaking bands, just that at a certain point in time there was a lack of fresh, new, original talent so we had to look elsewhere.

If you like what you see, feel free to promote us

Yeah, we all hate rules but they need to be in place to keep the world happy...

 1. If you take a song, please comment. This is so we know if you are an active member and how much longer it is before the file expires. On some upload programs a file is only active for so many downloads, so we'd like to keep up with what's going on. Also we'd love feedback on what you think of the music we supply.
 2. Be nice. Don't flame. Don't disrespect other people's opinions. If you do you will be filed under R for Arrivederci.
 3. The songs supplied are for sample purposes only. Please delete them after 24 hours and support the artists if you like what you hear.
 4. Don't promote other communities here. If you really want your community to be promoted get in touch with a maintainer and we might make you an affiliate. All posts/comments promoting communities will be deleted.
 5. No hot linking banners, icons or, of course, music or we will hunt you down and... do... something... BE WARNED!!
 6. Have fun!! ~ghey rule

Not a law but please promote us! We've worked really hard on this community and want as many people as possible to discover new music. Thank you.

Your lovely mods:
The maintainers of this community are sianface and _garbage_doll_. We know each other through our combined awesomeness and a mutual love of the Foo Fighters. Direct any issues to us.

Name: Siân
Age: 20
Location: Liverpool, England
Language speciality: French, German and Japanese
Favourite bands: Foo Fighters, Aya, Dir en grey, Inugami Circus-Dan, Slipknot, Rammstein, Eisheilig...
Favourite albums: The Colour and the Shape, Withering To Death, Mutter, Slipknot, Rainbow Rising
Email: Me

Name: Ilze
Age: 20
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Language speciality: Afrikaans, German, Japanese
Favourite bands: Foo Fighters, Fokofpolisiekar, 16 Stitch, Cutting Jade,The Smashing Pumpkins, Springbok Nude Girls, The Sex Pistols, Dir en grey....ect ect ect
Favourite albums: Jagged Little Pill, The Colour And The Shape, Diary, Siamese Dreams, To Record Only Water For Ten Days, Withering To Death
Email: Me

Current Filesharers:

 1. Use the template for all updates


If you want to add any additional information then please do but this is the minimum amount of information you should include.
 2. Put the link for the song in the "Song" field.
 3.At the moment we're not going to put a cap on the number of songs you can upload, we might change this and if we do we will let you know. If you put more than 3 songs in a post put the rest under a cut unless all the songs are by the same band/artist and on the same album. But don't post all the songs you own in one post or you won't have anything else to share in future. Be sensible.
 4.If they are by the same band and on the same album then just list more than one song on the "Song" section of the template.
 5. DON'T promote your own community, website or rotation WHATEVER without explicit permission from one of the maintainers. This is our community, not a forum for people to go to yours. We will probably give you permission but please ask. It's only polite.
 6. Limit updates to twice a week.
 7. All entries must be friends only
 8. Please be nice to the members even if they don't like the songs you upload. If you don't we will remove your privilages.
 9. If you break any of the rules you must be prepared for the fact that we can and will delete the post and/or remove your posting access.

If you would like to become a filesharer please email one of the maintainers with details about the sorts of music you like etc etc.

Support the Artists:
A list of recommended sites can be found here



Want to affiliate? Email one of the maintainers.